Twin Ringtail Possums

BB583 - Sterling Silver
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This bead fits Pandora, Chamilia, Bacio, Biagi, Tedora and Trollbead bracelets.
The hole diameter of this bead is approximately 4.5 mm

This bead works beautifully on both necklace and bracelet.
Ringtail possums are nocturnal and about the size of a domestic cat. They have a long white tipped prehensile tail that they use like a fifth limb. When at rest, the end of their tail is held in a curl, hence the name Ringtail Possum.
Almost exclusively tree-dwelling, the Common Ringtail Possum lives in in forests, woodlands, rainforests, dense scrub and suburban gardens. During the day, the Common Ringtail Possum sleeps in its spherical nest or 'drey' made from grass and shredded bark. It builds the drey in a tree hole, tree fork or dense vegetation, and several individuals may share the one nest. Along with the Common Brushtail Possum, The Ringtail has adapted well to living in close proximity to humans and can often be seen foraging in suburban gardens at night.

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