BB551 - Sterling Silver
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The hole diameter of this bead is approximately 4.4 mm
This bead fits Pandora, Chamilia, Bacio, Biagi, Tedora, and Trollbead bracelets and necklaces.

When the very first specimen of a Platypus was sent to England from Australia for identification, its appearance was so strange that it was thought to be a hoax. No wonder, an animal with a bill and webbed feet like a duck, covered with silky soft fur and a tail like a beaver. Even more extraordinary, we know that the platypus not only lays eggs but suckles its young with milk.  Along with the two species of Echidna, the Platypus is a monotreme, or egg-laying mammal. When the mother lays her eggs she incubates them by curling around them with her tail laid over them.
This is the very first bead made by our designer and one of our most popular beads.

Artists note
When I first made this bead it seemed so natural and so right, that the Platypus would wrap itself around and become a "bead"Also it seems to me that Platypus are a bit like dolphins,  something about the natural shape of their bill always seems to suggest a smile. Who could not love a Platypus?
There is so much more to learn about these facinating and unique animals please find out more by searching the web.

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