I'm very pleased to announce the winners of the very first Bower Bead Idea and Inspiration competition. Thank you again to all of you that sent me your ideas and lovely emails and I sincerely apologise that it was just not possible to reply to you all personally.

In fact you sent me so many fantastic and imaginative ideas it is going to be impossible for me to stop!  I've therefore decided I will continue to create new designs inspired by ideas submitted. As with the first three designs listed below each winner will receive two silver beads and credit for their idea on the web site.

Congratulations and thank you to all the winners listed below who inspired the creation of these new beads.

WARATAH FLOWER BB594 - Kim Kucera, Karlisa Smy, Elizabeth Robertson,
Susan Kozianski

EMU HATCHLING BB592 - Ella Rose Clews, Cynthia Parker, Ann Rappaport

QUANDONG SEED BB597 - Michael Barnett, Loreto Margaret Cameron, Susan Kozianski

PEBBLE MOUND MOUSE BB595 - Graham Lavery

FEATHERS BB596 - Tracey Armstrong, Kate Harrington and Andrew Johnstone.

 Tip - to find the beads quickly and easily type NEW into the search facility.


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